Yu-Gi-Oh! Event 24th - Booking

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*important tournament information*


Event starts at 6pm

First round will be paired and ready to start then.

For all those having booking and attending locals please read the following rules for in store during the event.

You will be expected to follow these or potentially removed as this is people’s safety we are trying to protect.
Let’s just follow the rules and play the game we love!

-social distancing at 1 metre but 2 metres where possible.
-face coverings will be mandatory.
-there will be a one way system implemented.
-the toilet won’t be available for use (please plan ahead)
-sanitizer will be readily available so please do use it.
-once the round is paired you’ll find your seat and remain seated until the next pairings.
-table numbers will be used and results will be verbally collected.
-do not touch anything of anybody elses.
-if you happen to feel unwell in the morning please don’t attend and contact us.

We have done our absolute best to abide by government guidelines, you have provided you details when booking for track and trace purposes should the need arise.