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We would like to try something new, and we hope you might enjoy the concept. We are offering a virtual FNM again this week, and here is how it will work...

Entry and Prizes:
Entry is £6, payable via paypal or bank transfer if you prefer. You can also make this purchase on our webstore.
Prizes will be based on your record, rather than final standing.
Prizes will be payable in Cardmarket Credit.
We will still mail the winner a Premium Promo Pack!

Tournament Operations:

The format is Standard. You must use the same deck throughout the tournament.

Matches will take place on MTG Arena using the Direct Challenge feature.
We will use Discord for Tournament Ops, there will be a main channel and a series of Table Channels. You will be assigned pairings in the main channel sending you to a Table, once there arrange your direct challenge with your opponent and off we go.

Matches are still Best of 3 with coin flip to decide who goes first.

This event is open to all players, join us! We start at 6.30 GMT