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I cannot overstate how excited how I am to finally be able to talk about this set with all of you.

By the time it releases, it will have been nearly six years since I originally came up with the idea. Think about what you were doing six years ago! It has been a long time coming for this one.

Concepted, architected, and vision designed by me, then handed off to Jules Robins for the final set design (with some great initial architecture from Mark Globus along the way, too), this set is really a love letter to Commander . . . and really, just some of the awesome characters in Magic's history.

Before getting into cards and the Draft format, there are three big things about the set which are important to set context for early.

  • The set can pull from anywhere and anytime in the multiverse. From Lorwyn to Alara—the tales of the Weatherlight Crew to present day (and even some far deeper cuts!)—there's tons there.
  • While it's similar flavor-wise, mechanically the set is not Modern Horizons. This isn't about putting graft on a flashback card (. . . don't ask) and doing other weird mechanic mashups, nor is it about a substantially increased power level. In that sense, it is mechanically much closer to what you would find in a Magic set—just with a Commander bent. For reference, there are four total non-evergreen mechanics in the main set of Commander Legends: three returning, and one new. (Let the speculation begin!)
  • It is a way to play Limited Commander. That's how this whole idea began, after all! You can play Draft or Sealed with it—and actually, it's a great format to play while at home: you can draft with a smaller group than eight, or play Sealed with friends across the internet using something like Spelltable or Discord. There's plenty of Commander staples around, but also, much like normal Draft, you'll get to play some cards which wouldn't normally make the cut in a Commander deck. That's part of the fun!