Dobble - Pixar

Dobble - Pixar

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Everyone knows and adores the Pixar movies. Dobble is the super-popular matching game from Asmodee, and in this version it meets the much-loved Pixar franchise. All of your favourite characters from all of your favourite Pixar movies feature on these cards. Can you match the likes of Woody and Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story? What about Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc.? And don’t forget Nemo and Dory from Finding Nemo! This is an easier variant for younger players, to match the target market of the films.

Dobble is the game of quick reactions and matching pairs. In this variant, the pairs are all your favourite characters from the Pixar movies. Dobble is one of Asmodee’s more simple games, but also one of its universal, popular ones. Circular cards, with a whole bunch of different images on them. Can you be the first one to locate a pair of images that sit on both your card, and the top card?

Dobble sounds like a simple form of ‘Snap’, but in the heat of the moment, the tension can get the better of you. Not to mention the lightning-quick reactions of the other players! Every card is unique, but each one has an image on it matches one other card in the deck. There are five different variants you can play, but all are about whoever has the quickest eyes. The trick is to locate one image on the top face-up card, with one that matches on your own card. Then it’s a case of being quick enough to shout out the name of said image, and slap your hand down!

There’s fewer images per card compared to regular Dobble, so it’s easier for little eyes to digest everything that’s going on. Dobble takes 20 seconds to teach, and will have you and your family in fits of giggles. Especially when your hand-eye observation skills fail you! (Oh, and adults? Shouting ‘orange fish’ doesn’t count, you know. That’s Nemo! You have to say the character’s name!)

Player Count: 2–5 Players
Time: 10 Minutes
Age: 4+