Dead of Winter: The Long Night

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What you do to survive?
There is only one form of entertainment in which it is possible to simulate the experience that gives dead of winter: the table games. In this game the history it is the basis of all: You're The superstite of a terrifying zombie apocalypse and you need to survive a terrible winter in a world ravaged. Each superstite must obey their demands psychological, but must also find the way to work with other for reject from outside threats, resolve Crisis, find food and supplies and to maintain high moral of the cologne.
The long night introduces a new rental: The raxxon, from which terrible experiments will spread the city in less that players to fail to contain them. Also introduces the bandits and their rental, hideout, improvements for the cologne, the rental of the graveyard, a new cast of survivors, pawns zombies completely new, completely new secret hiring of thick, New Items, completely new main objectives, lenses, cardboard, card Crossroads completely new, special from play scenarios, and more.