Speed Duel - Starter Deck - Ultimate Predators

Speed Duel - Starter Deck - Ultimate Predators

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The Ultimate Predators starter set includes:

  • One 30-card Rex Raptor deck
  • One 30-card Weevil Underwood deck
  • Four Skill Cards (two for Rex and two for Weevil)
  • Two Ultra Rare variant cards (Order to Charge and Jar of Avarice)
  • Two deck topper cards showing each character with their best monster
  • A pull-out game mat for one player

On the back of the game mat you’ll find instructions on how to play, and two 20-card deck lists for each character. Each deck list uses one of the characters’ Skill Cards. This mean that, rather than playing the same deck all the time, you can change up your playstyle to get more mileage out of the game. If you want to use all 62 cards to make one 20-card super deck, the back of the box shows a complete deck list for both characters, so you can reset at any time.