Warhammer - High Elf Chariot

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The Charioteers of Tiranoc find passage where lesser mortals could not hope to do so: they weave between enemy units at full speed, raining arrows onto unprotected flanks and raking enemy lines with steel-tipped spears. Only when the enemy is sufficiently weakened do the Tiranoc Charioteers crash into the press of melee in a glorious massed charged, their steeds biting and kicking, the riders thrusting their spears into the black hearts of their foes.

The High Elves of Tiranoc are an adventurous people, proud of their fighting traditions, and deeply embittered by the wars that have ravaged their realm. When the Phoenix King calls his subjects to war, the fiery knights of Tiranoc are always among the first to answer, riding to battle at the head of a mighty chariot host. Spear-points and helms gleam in the light of the rising sun, and the ground trembles beneath thunderous hooves. Banners of white, gold, and blue stream in the wind. As one, the charioteers give voice to the battle hymn of Tiranoc, a rousing and beautiful anthem, sung at the mustering of the host since ancient times.