Warhammer - Lizardmen Temple Guard

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The Temple Guard are a revered and uncommon spawning of Saurus. They were created to protect the Slann Mage-Priests and the temple-cities in which the Lizardmen dwell. To their tasks, they dedicate every fibre of their beings, displaying a single-minded determination that will result in either the safeguarding of their charges or their own deaths. As befits their honoured status, Temple Guard are armed with heavy ornamental halberds and adorned with sacred glyphs. In addition to armour plates of the strongest bronze, the Temple Guard bear distinctive helms fashioned from the horned and crested skulls of Lustria’s predatory beasts.

Some Temple Guard are as old as the temple-cities and Slann that they protect. However, should one fall in battle, his helm is salvaged by Skink attendants to be placed within the inner sanctum of a pyramid-temple. There it remains, a relic, until a new generation of Temple Guard is spawned to claim the helms of the fallen. It is believed that when a Saurus inherits one of these sacred heirlooms, he becomes imbued with a portion of its predecessor’s strength and martial skill. In this way, the Temple Guard continue to safeguard their charges for eternity — clearly the role for which they were designed.